This happens more regularly. Somebody inquires as to whether it is alright to store their stogies in the cooler.

All things considered, there is a short answer and a long answer.

The Long Answer…

Cautioning marks are for suckers. I mean we shouldn’t have them.

It is only an approach to stop, generally, idiots from supporting the human genetic stock.

We are just as solid as our most fragile connection.

On the off chance that we quit printing cautioning names like, “Espresso May be Hot,” or “Don’t Operate Chainsaw Under Influence of Alcohol,” we may be by and large be more brilliant when those individuals are no more.

All things considered, there truly is not an admonition name on a stogie that says, “Don’t place stogie in the fridge.”

There is additionally not an admonition name on the cooler that says something like, “Not appropriate for capacity of car oil, platypus pee, tar paper, or stogies.

Along these lines, it is reasonable how a few people could be confounded.

Not having a humidor is the “go-to” pardon individuals use.

If you don’t have a humidor, make a little container and call it great, however, don’t go anyplace close to your cooler except if you are battling tobacco scarabs.

There is a misconception that cigars are better stored in the refrigerator, since they stay fresh longer

when frozen or cooled. In fact, this is not the case, with this method of storage, the cigar will absorb the

odors of all products stored in the refrigerator, storing cigars in refrigerator is strongly not


The Short Answer…

NO. It is terrible for them. Wrong temperature, wrong humidity.