Cigars are stored in humidors. But.

The humidor is not intended for storing cigars inboxes. In humidor, it is inconvenient to store large stocks for a long time. Using humidor under quarantine for newly purchased cigars is a senseless waste. Yes, it is quite inconvenient to carry a supply of cigars in a humidor, even a road one. Humidor is fragile, capricious, and expensive. The practical part of Smoking humanity thought about it and invented tupperdor. Tupperware + Humidor.

Tapperdor-a container for storing cigars based on a sealed food container (hence the ” tupper..”) and a “smart” humidifier. Tupperdore doesn’t need a hygrometer, checks, or refueling. A Boveda type humidifier will maintain a precisely set humidity level in it. Sealed walls will keep this level for years. Storage of the “put and forget” type.

Don’t know if you need a humidor at all? Do you know what to do with a few hundred cigars inboxes? Tupperdore is Your choice. However, in the second case, you probably already use it.

For the manufacture of Tupperware You’ll need airtight food container (pictured – Lock&Lock 2.3 liter) 1-2-lot of pine leaves-strips of cigar boxes (if no, ask in a cigar store, there is trash), one or two Boveda pack any size (no more than 72%) or tube humidifier RH Beads. Moisture is practically not consumed, so the size does not matter. If desired, you can add a few cedar bars from the same cigar boxes. All.

Cedar dampens humidity changes from opening, protects against theoretically possible condensation and shock, and gives cigars the aroma of humidor-box storage. The humidifier monitors the atmosphere itself. The container does not release moisture.

Note: in any case, do not use humidifiers without controlled evaporation! In a few hours, your cigars will be catastrophically waterlogged!