Quality cigars breathe like a living organism. Therefore, they need a carefully controlled climate. Violation of humidity and temperature parameters may cause them to dry out or become moldy. Therefore, if you bought a cigar, but do not plan to smoke it on this day, it is important to create an optimal microclimate for it. It is important that the cigar always remains moist and oily, how to keep cigars fresh?

If you have only one or two cigars that you are not currently going to smoke, then put them in a bag, first placing in it a small wet towel moistened with distilled water. It should be noted that the package does not need to be closed, air access is necessary. The package is stored in a dark place at a temperature no higher than 70°F (21°C).

As an alternative to the package, you can take a regular plastic cup, put a cigar in it and cover it with a slightly damp towel. At the same time, do not forget about the temperature regime at  70°F (21°C).

During transportation, cigars are recommended to be kept in a case or well wrapped in cellophane.

Humidors are an ideal way to store cigars

If you are thinking about how to store cigars at home, then pay attention to the humidor. If you have a cigar, you must have a humidor. This is the best way to do it today. A humidor is a wooden box, sometimes with a glass lid. Traditionally, it is made from Spanish deciduous cedar. This material is considered ideal for a cigar humidor, as its porous, sponge-like wood perfectly absorbs excess moisture, which then gradually gives back. At the same time, the neutral aroma of wood does not affect the aroma of cigars.

The world owes the invention of the humidor to Alfred Dunhill. He was the first to notice how the taste and aroma of cigars changed depending on storage conditions. At the beginning of the last century, he installed the first humidor in his store, then this device was a box with a water tank. And only after 60 years, mass production was established.

Such boxes for storing cigars can consist of one layer or several. Single-layer models are made entirely of cedar. And in multi-layer boxes, cedar is used only as of the inner layer, the one that directly contacts the cigars, and for the upper layers, other types of wood are used. Such models are considered more reliable since several layers of wood do not allow moisture to quickly evaporate and protect the delicate inner layer from external damage.

The cigar is able to maintain its original properties at a humidity level of 70%. This is the best humidity for cigars. High humidity will lead to mold, and if the indicator is less than 65%, the cigar will dry out.

The optimal humidity level inside the box is maintained by a cigar humidifier. You can find out the humidity indicator using a hygrometer. In the middle price range of humidors, a cassette humidifier is used, which is a box with a synthetic material inside and with slots made of plastic or metal. From time to time, it is necessary to add distilled water. In good humidors, this procedure should be performed no more than once a month. The humidity indicator in the box depends on the number of cigars and the frequency of opening the box. The slots in the box are adjustable, so you can also influence the humidity indicator. Expensive, large models of humidors use digital humidifiers and hygrometers. An electronic hygrometer monitors humidity and if its value falls below the set parameter, the humidifier automatically starts. That is, humidity control is carried out without the presence of a person.