If you don’t smoke cigars, you probably have a nice breath and a large lung capacity. For those who smoke, we have prepared a few facts about cigars. You can flash them at a corporate party, Smoking a cigar with your boss, or when you spend time with your friend’s family.

1 Size does not matter in relation to cigars exactly.

More short and fine cigars reach a higher temperature during combustion, and their flavor becomes more intense. Fatter cigars smolder slower and look cooler, and because of this, newcomers like them better. If you’re the kind of person who has to smoke the thickest and longest cigar they can find, it’s probably compensation.

2 Color does not matter.

the darkest colors of cigars-Oscuro and Maduro-look more impressive. But this does not mean that their taste and aroma will be as amazing as the color. Sometimes cigars are wrapped in tobacco leaves of a different variety than the one inside, and because the dark leaves smolder very softly. Therefore, light cigars are not inferior in quality to dark ones. Those who say otherwise do not understand the question.

3 there Is a correct way to light cigars.

If you have ever lit a cigar in front of the experts with a regular lighter, know that they were judging you. They could have laughed out loud or in a fist, or discussed it later and laughed — it doesn’t matter. Cheap matches and lighters can not spoil the taste of your cigar, including during the first puffs — they simply do not have such chemical properties. Sophisticated cigar lovers use only wooden matches, a butane lighter or a cedar sliver for added gentility.

4 The secret of the cigar ribbon.

The Small paper ring that wraps each cigar is somehow covered in mystery. Someone says, If you read this inscription, then someone took this article from BroDude.ru that the ribbon was invented by Catherine the Great, who liked to smoke a cigar after riding and did not want to dirty it with dirty hands. High five if you believe that story! Others believe that the manufacturers of Cuban cigars began to use this accessory so that English dandies do not get their white gloves dirty on the cigar. In fact, this is just a marketing ploy. Brands advertise themselves and remind smokers whose products they smoke. There is also a debate about whether to remove the ribbon while Smoking. A great answer for all those who like to bet: it doesn’t matter!

5 the Best companion for a cigar-drinking.

If you are not an ardent fan of cigars, it is unlikely that you light them, being crystal sober. A cigar is meant to relax you, just like a drink. This combination is sure to take you straight to heaven. Combine drinks with cigars should be smart. Softer cigars are better suited to red wine and beer. If you choose a cigar with a moderate flavor, it will go with Irish whiskey, Bourbon, and port. If you smoke something that should tear an unaccustomed person apart, you need Scotch. Stay away from vodka and gin-the cigar makes their effect too heavy.

6 the Exclusivity of Cuban cigars is exaggerated.

Everyone knows that the best cigars are Cuban cigars, right? Maybe. They are undoubtedly very good. However, many cigar experts agree that the Dominican Republic is not far behind Cuba in the craft of creating cigars.

7 Cigars smoke only in good company.

Cigars will not add to your prestige, but your friends are clearly successful. Presidents, musicians, and big businessmen — many of them smoke cigars. Freud simply did not part with it. Michael Jordan didn’t disdain a cigar during his sports career — he could afford it.