There is a strong opinion that you should definitely eat before Smoking. Rather, this rule sounds the opposite – after eating, you should smoke a cigar, it helps digestion.

Although it is clearly not recommended to smoke on an empty stomach. You need to drop something in your stomach.

However, what you ate can affect the Smoking process and the taste of the cigar, so you should know which dishes are better suited to the cigar, and which are worse.

Ideal dishes before a cigar are dishes cooked on an open fire – all sorts of grills-kebabs.

But dairy dishes are not suitable for a cigar, so if you have eaten a piece of cheese, it is better to wash it down with alcohol.

It is not recommended to eat too much. A cigar feels like it needs space in the stomach, and the stronger the cigar, the more space it has. So if you eat your fill and then smoke a very strong cigar, you won’t last long. The cigar will literally cross your throat. But in three or four hours you will be able to smoke this very strong cigar without any problems.

But if you are going to have professional testing, do not eat for two hours before it, for the purity of the experiment.